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Graphic Design

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The first time I met Joanna Kordina was when she came to visit me at the The Observer newspaper, London, in 1998. She was in fact studying theatre production in Australia, but very interested in how a newspaper worked.

After leaving college she returned, and worked part-time in the art department to gain some experience on the, then, new Apple Macs. However, within a very short space of time she had earned her place as a valued member of the team, and duly joined the staff.

Some years ago I had the pleasure of visiting her in Sydney, where her success at The Australian had rewarded her with promotion to Art Manager.

Now running her own company that incorporates the latest media technology, I have no absolutely no hesitation in acknowledging, and indeed applauding, both her design skills and business acumen, and wish her well.

graphic designer, london


Assistant Editor, Design (Retired), The Observer, London

Joanna Kordina

Web Design and Digital Marketing


My first real job was working in the media. At merely 18 years old I moved to London. I was soon hired and began training as a Graphic Designer for the prestigious Observer newspaper.

Under the watchful eye of Art Director, Tony Mullins, I quickly developed design skills that would stay with me forever, as well as becoming one of the earliest users of the Apple Mac computer and the original incarnation of Adobe products.

Things have come a long way since then!


After several years in London, I returned to Sydney to work at The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review and eventually taking on the role as Art Manager of The Daily Telegraph at only 27.

I managed a team of approximately 30 graphic artists covering shifts 6am-2pm, seven days a week on The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, as well as filling any gaps on The Australian newspaper when necessary.

In 2007 I took on the role as Art Manager of The Australian to streamline the management of the team, and create a more efficiently run department, until I left in 2013 to pursue my own projects.


Having worked in the high-stress field of newspapers and magazines, I am used to working with and coordinating teams to work efficiently to meet deadlines.

Seeing where we can streamline work by setting up templates, monitoring workflow and managing suitable contractors.

In addition to my graphics and management skills, I have an interest in various forms of investment from property design, development and renovation, to share trading and derivatives.

I am particularly passionate about photography having set-up, managed and designed a photographic library with over 100 contributors.

I have held two major international photographic competitions, featuring over $70,000 worth of prizes, culminating in a major exhibition and coffee-table books. I managed every stage from sponsorship, design, marketing and PR.

I have a large network of photographers available to me, as well as writers, editors and Illustrators.


  • Complete business branding, including logo design, colours, fonts and style.
  • Clean and creative web design, with a focus on functionality.
  • Continuous SEO and website management.
  • Communicating with contractors and managing various skill sets.
  • Coordinating and streamlining team workflow to efficiently meet deadlines.
  • Outsourcing to writers, editors, photographers, Illustrators.

Web Design


Web Design, photographic website

Web Design

Taking a new business, creating branding around the name, designing the website and developing an online presence for a new client.

Web Design, french connection website
Web design, graphic design, photography

Business Branding

Creative Web Solutions helped define my marketing identity, creating my own brand and designing my new website and stationary.

Bob Barker

Director, Bob Barker Photography

Web design

Taking a new business, creating branding around the name, designing the website and developing an online presence for a new client.

Logo design


Creative Web Solutions did exactly that – solved my limited online presence. They helped me develop my vast portfolio into a cohesive and marketable identity, creating my own brand and designing my new website and stationary.

Bob Barker

Director of Photography, Bob Barker Photography

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, Inc.