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Peter byrne, Cartoonist


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Over 30,000 faces drawn!

  • Considered one of Sydney’s best
  • Works directly with you to create art to complement your brand
  • Provides unique, customised company exposure
  • Quick on the ‘live’ draw (cartoons every 3-5 mins)
  • Great conversation starter for guests
  • Provides entertainment for onlookers
  • Creates amusing and unique souvenirs of each event
  • Reliable (will not let you down)
  • Takes up little space
  • Based in Sydney, but will travel

Pete Byrne is considered one of Sydney’s funniest caricaturists. As a former cartoonist on the Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph for 25 years, Pete is used to working with all subjects and to tight deadlines. He has vast experience working with clients in all commercial fields, and his artwork brings corporate brands to life.

As well as creating unique art for business or personal brands, Pete is available for events from corporate to private, in person or on zoom. His creations are the perfect conversation starter for guests at weddings or parties, and provide entertainment for onlookers at trade shows and conferences. He works quickly to produce fun caricatures of guests in three to five minutes … and does it with style!

sydney creative design
sydney creative design

A memorable souvenir from any event, whether business-related or personal.

sydney creative design
sydney creative design
sydney creative design

Keep smiling … it makes people
 wonder what you’ve been up to!

Peter Byrne, Caricaturist